winery+brewery+distillery solutions

Out of the Ordinary is Routine

NMI Industrial is uniquely positioned to respond to extraordinary situations. We can rapidly mobilize and execute complex engineering, fabrication or repair projects on distillery systems on a tight timeline under the most daunting emergency conditions.

NMI Industrial can survey, conceptualize, start, fabricate and complete substantial repairs quickly, so critical winery and brewery equipment can be returned to service as rapidly as possible.


Our Process for Processors

We specialize in construction for the winery, brewery and distillery industries — from new facilities to expansion, modification, upgrading, repair, maintenance and relocation.

  • Ingredient receiving including grapes, barley, hops
  • Destemming & sorting
  • Crushing & pressing
  • Cold & heat stabilization processes
  • Process piping
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Storage, conditioning & mashing tanks
  • Bottling, sealing, labeling & packaging lines