winery+brewery+distillery solutions

Winery Line

Continual plant investment keeps one of the world’s largest winemaker on top.  NMI Industrial was engaged to repurpose existing factory space into two new high speed processing lines, orchestrating and accomplishing installation from de-palletizing through filling, capping, cartoning and palletizing, including conveyance to a truck loading level.


  • Design, fabrication, installation
  • Rapid deployment
  • De-palletize, conveyance, fill thru palletize
  • Food grade, stainless, sanitary
  • Winery


Our Process for Processors

We specialize in construction for the winery, brewery and distillery industries — from new facilities to expansion, modification, upgrading, repair, maintenance and relocation.

  • Ingredient receiving including grapes, barley, hops
  • Destemming & sorting
  • Crushing & pressing
  • Cold & heat stabilization processes
  • Process piping
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Storage, conditioning & mashing tanks
  • Bottling, sealing, labeling & packaging lines