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Winery processing design at NMI Industrial mechanical contractors in California

Winery+Brewery+Distillery Overview

NMI Industrial is a premier California general contractor for winery, brewery and distillery plant work including design, engineering, fabrication and installation.

Over the last three decades, NMI Industrial has built and rebuilt much of the equipment that runs California’s food and beverage processing facilities.  We often exceed FDA Food Sanitation requirements and always meet customer expectations for timely delivery and exemplary workmanship.


Our Process for Processors

We specialize in construction for the winery, brewery and distillery industries — from new facilities to expansion, modification, upgrading, repair, maintenance and relocation.

  • Ingredient receiving including grapes, barley, hops
  • Destemming & sorting
  • Crushing & pressing
  • Cold & heat stabilization processes
  • Process piping
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Storage, conditioning & mashing tanks
  • Bottling, sealing, labeling & packaging lines