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Rebuild trains at NMI Industrial Sacramento

Jordan Snow Spreader

Jordan Spreaders are used to keep critical mountain passes opened during winter for freight and passenger operations. NMI Industrial received multiple 1960’s era rail units, tore each down to the chassis, then remanufactured them included replacement cabs, plows, electronics, hydraulics piping, actuators and power units. “Better than new” units have been regularly placed back into rough service for decades of future service.



Heavy transportation equipment specialists

NMI industrial is recognized within the railroad industry as a capable rebuilder and remanufacturer of specialized custom railroad equipment.

We specialize in complex rail equipment work, including re-engineering, upgrading, repair and rebuilding to enhance function and durability. Our unique knowledge, forward thinking design, and expertise enable NMI to handle the most challenging projects.

  • Snow plows
  • Jordan spreaders
  • Wedge plows
  • Rotary snow blowers
  • Flangers
  • Specialized rail cars
  • Rail equipment repair