food+beverage solutions

Prune & Plum Processing

Two significant new products required fast-track plant deployment to help this dominant processor continue to grow worldwide demand.  Long a go-to industrial design and installation contractor for this client, NMI Industrial quickly designed, fabricated, and installed complete conveyance and packaging systems, exceeding time-to-market requirements.


  • Design, fabrication, installation
  • Rapid deployment
  • Conveyance & packaging
  • Food grade, stainless, sanitary
  • Food & beverage | fruit


Our Process for Processors

We specialize in industrial construction for the food and beverage industry — from new facilities to expansion, modification, upgrading, repair, maintenance and relocation.

NMI serves processors of tomatoes and other vegetables, beverages, fresh-cut, dairy, grains, bakers, and many more.

  • Conveyors, chutes, flumes & hoppers
  • Catwalks, stairways & handrails
  • Process piping
  • Cookers, coolers & ovens
  • Evaporators & tanks
  • Specialty equipment installation
  • Canning & packaging lines