custom millwright solutions

Food procesing and handling at NMI Industrial mechanical contractors in California

Silverado Hot Break

Big tomato needed to improve processing efficiency and quality by replacing multiple older rotary hotbreaks. NMI provided a simplified 240 ton-per-hour solution by designing, building and installing a revolutionary vertical heat exchanger system. The forced circulated flooded design reduced temperature differential across exchanger tubes to dramatically improve product consistency and throughput while reducing operating costs.


  • Food grade, stainless, sanitary
  • Improved product velocity & turbulent flow
  • Reduced exchange tube temp differential
  • Extended run time
  • Custom Millwright Fabrication | equipment design Innovation


Rising to challenging projects

NMI millwright expertise provides the diverse background and flexibility to ably perform complex and unusual design, fabrication and installation including:

  • Precision architectural metalwork
  • Large scale public artwork
  • Structural steel
  • Process piping
  • Equipment improvement
  • Prototyping and short product runs
  • Nonstandard and exotic equipment & machinery
  • Hygienic, food safe and laboratory quality